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Getting WiFi to work with Intel Galileo Generation 2

I got the Intel Galileo Generation 2 board recently and I can't help but post about, it. This is about getting the WiFi working on it without using Arduino sketches.

The network card I am going to be using is the Intel Centrino 135 which sits on the mini PCI-E slot below the card. After connecting the board, I couldn't find proper docs for connecting to a secured network so here it is.

Connect to the board through puTTy, then run the command connmanctl. The prompt should change to connmantcl>

Now go ahead and enable wifi by running the command

enable wifi

After wifi is enabled, you have to manually initiate the scan, type,

scan wifi.

Now before we connect, we need to see the networks that have been detected, we can see that by running,


Now it's time to connect, however before connecting to a secure network we need to enable a agent that will use wpa_supplicant to authenticate. Thereby run

agent on

Now all you have to do is hit

connect (tab) ...


connect wifi_xxx_XXXX

Now the agent will ask for the passphrase, enter it and you are connected, viola !
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