Getting WiFi to work with Intel Galileo Generation 2

I got the Intel Galileo Generation 2 board recently and I can't help but post about, it. This is about getting the WiFi working on it without using Arduino sketches.

Tunneling DNS requests through a SOCKS proxy in firefox.

In many institutions, a lot of sites are blocked and we naturally try to circumvent the blocks using VPNs or proxies. If you use a VPN like OpenVPN, the client can be configured to send DNS requests through the VPN.

Decompiling APKs using Virtous Ten Studios

Decompiling an APK is somewhat tiresome process, you have to first extract it, then run it through a smali to java convertor and after you edit the resource files, you have to again repack it. All these processes can be automated by using Virtous Ten Studios.

MediaTek MT6589 complete source available

Finally the complete source for MediaTek's famous quad core SoC is available.

Micromax Canvas A116 gets a update to jelly bean 4.2.1 | How to update

Micromax's flagship phone has got a new update, updating OTA is still not possible, however with the new update OTA updates have been enabled.

How to root he Micromax Canvas A116 HD | New updated tools

The Micromax canvas is an awesome phone, with specs rivaling phones by major companies but at quarter the price, this device is quite famous, in this tutorial, I will show you how to root it.

Enabling mod_rewrite of Apache under WAMP server

WAMP is a awesome way to deploy local apps, I will show you how to enable mod_rewrite module.

Spotify for Linux available for free users too

Spotify, the most awesome media player on the planet has launched a Linux preview for users who do not pay for it's services aka free users.

Analysing PE files

PE files or Portable Executable files is an format for executables in the Windows Operating System.

Dynamically Linked functions in Malware and what they do.

Dependency walker is an small program that helps you to find out all the dynamically linked data into a malware.

SSD Giveaway !

Want an SSD, then enter dragonblogger's SSD giveaway !

How to enable virtual desktops in KDE4 / Kubunutu

If you have used Gnome, you will find that virtual desktops are an great feature of Linux, and that it can be used to maximize productivity, Virtual Desktops exist in KDE4 also, but not in the way you expect it to be.

How to capture network traffic from remote computers using Wireshark

I will show how to capture traffic from a remote machine, this will be very helpful for analysing malware samples in an VM.

Confusing codecs and formats explained (via SuperUser)

codec is short for encoder/decoder, which means that data generated by an encoder can always be decoded by the appropriate decoder. This happens to be valid for video, audio, but you could also think about cryptography (an encoder needs an appropriate decoder to display an encrypted message).

Grooveshredder for Firefox 9,10,11,12

Groveshredder, an popular addon for firefox is not yet upgraded to the latest version of firefox, but I have.

The Linux Navisurfer | Linux in your car

For the tech lovers of the world everything that can be improved with technology usually is. This includes the vehicles used by these.

Top 10 songs of 2011

A list of the songs that were most played.

Happy New Year

A new year!

Hacking a computer in LAN by ARP poisoning | Cain & Abel tutorial

In this tutorial , we shall use Cain & Abel , a very powerful hacking tool for performing an ARP spoofing attack.

10 Best Open Source Software of 2011

Free, potent, useful, open source software is one of the best things that the Web has to offer. The great thing about the best open source software is that it’s backed up by vibrant communities who update and improve it periodically.

Get youtube's new page layout now !

Youtube is testing out a new system to display videos and it rocks , check it out !!

The browser wars !! Chrome 16 vs IE 9 vs Opera 11.52 vs Firefox 10.0a2

It's Browser warzzzz..... and this time it is memory usage ! Check to see how each browser competes ..

Ripping(exporting) Facebook Comments from any site as JSON

Facebook's privacy is bad and here is more proof.

Asus Turbo Key benchmarks , with and without it running

Asus Motherboards have TurboKey , an feature that allows them to increase performance and I decided to test it out .

Windows XP turns 10 ! Goold old XP

Windows XP is ten years old ! I was Microsoft's most sold OS until 7 came and still half of the Windows Computers are powered by it.

Steve Jobs Harvard Commencement speech , the speech that stole the heart of milions !

Half of the quotations of Steve Jobs are from this historic speech !

Stuff you must do after moving to a new domain in blogger

You must do a lot of things so that google recognizes your new domain.

I have moved to a custom domain !

Well i bought  anew domain and I have moved to it !

Amazon rocks the Tablet PC world with a new Array of Kindle !

Amazon decided to go ballistic into the Table PC world with the launch of Kindle Fire

Control Grooveshark from any tab with Grooveshark Remote | FireFox | Andriod

Grooveshark gets lost in the millions of tab open ? You are not alone fortunately an addon fixes that !

Google+ now allows circles to be shared !

Embedding grooveshark songs in your website or blog

Grooveshark is a super cool music streaming site and it allows you to embed the songs you like in our website !

The likeability of angry birds [humour]

Yes another angry birds ... infographic

Speeding up the Andriod Emulator

I recently decided to program in Andriod and I found the Andriod Emulator super slow .. here's how to speed it up

Remove the facebook Right Sidebar or News Bar ticker

Facebook has introduced an new ui with an irritating sidebar ticker , here's how to remove it .

Windows 8 screencast tour get to know everything about it !

I posted about getting Windows 8 and I will about installing it using an VHD soon .. now an screencast tour :)

Windows 8 developer preview realeased !

Windows 8 , the much anticipated OS is finally out !

How shuting down and startup's work in Windows

 This handy document from microsoft tells the story of how windows handles shutdowns and start ups ...

Addicted to angry birds ?

Addicted to angry birds , you are not alone... A lot of people are addicted and here is help

Monitor your internet usage using BitMeter

With the ever increasing rates of internet , want to monitor your internet usage ? This free software for Windows does that really good .