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Stuff you must do after moving to a new domain in blogger

You must do a lot of things so that google recognizes your new domain.

Step 1: Create a new site in Google Webmaster tools and add your site map this way (submit the same thing I use for bing to google) only !

Step 2: Change your links everywhere.
I had to change in the following places
  1. Google Plus
  2. Twitter
  3. Facebook
  4. Stackexchange
  5. livefyre
  6. Disqus
Step 3: Migrating Disqus if you use it.

go to http://hacktohell.disqus.com/admin/tools/migrate/ (here hacktohell is my unique id , use your unique id there) . Use the start Wizard button and follow it .

Step 4:Migrate Google Analytics  i.e create a new Google Analytics account.

Step 5:Submit to bing and yahoo.

That's all enjoy your new domain !

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