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How to port forward your BSNL modem[with screenshots]

Portforwarding has become one of the needs of the needs of the day and I will show you how in an BSNL modem!

The Modem I will be using is ZTE ZXDSL 831AII but no matter what your modem is these steps will work.Okay now you might ask this question , what is port forwarding? This takes us back to the beginning of the internet where Dial up modems where used on a 56K phone line but now on that same phone line , we have advanced a lot! With the expulsion of the internet , a lot of hackers were present and they began actively exploiting computers and making them Bots for commiting DDos attacks so the ISP’s came up with an IDEA , they blocked all the ports on a computer as all the connections were made through the router so if the users wanted they could manually disable it in the router and that is what we are going to do now!


Step #1 Log on to your router

Open up WebBrowser and navigate to and enter the username and password.(Default username is admin and password is also admin).Since everyone knows that,you might wanna change your password to keep out hackers

You might need to enter that a couple of times as it is a bug in the modem display(5 times in case of mine!)


This is what you must get


Step #2

Navigate to Security > Port Forwarding

bsnl modem port forward

Now Click Add and select user defined and enter a name like utorrent.

In the forward to internal host enter your ip mostly it is

In protocol type add TCP in port start , enter the port number as the port you want to forward e.g:-80 and in the Port End also the same .Now in Forward to internal host also give the same port numbers to both the fields and click Apply

add new portforwarding rule bsnl modem


Now reboot the modem and enjoy!


P.S:-If you connect through USB , it will not WORK!!!! , you need a ethernet card to make it work!

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