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2 LAN FileSharing Tools

If you have a large network with many computers connected,then windows will surely fail you in finding all the computers and linking with them,these software will surely help you!
It is a java based server/lan sharing tool/VPN/P2p & much more tool
It requires jre 1.6 to be installed.
It also supports VPN!!
It is a great tool that has an web interface for file downloading and configuration.
Automatic discovery of other p300 hosts via IP Multicast and IP Broadcast (UDP).
  • This means it will work serverless without a central server
  • You can also manually add some hosts, then all others should be discovered automatically with HTTP instead of UDP.
It is a great feature that allows limitless possibilities.

It is also a great tool but with less features than p300.It is very small , light and supports P2P.
It also has an webinterface and is cross-platform client like p300.

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