Ripping(exporting) Facebook Comments from any site as JSON

Facebook's privacy is bad and here is more proof.

Asus Turbo Key benchmarks , with and without it running

Asus Motherboards have TurboKey , an feature that allows them to increase performance and I decided to test it out .

Windows XP turns 10 ! Goold old XP

Windows XP is ten years old ! I was Microsoft's most sold OS until 7 came and still half of the Windows Computers are powered by it.

Steve Jobs Harvard Commencement speech , the speech that stole the heart of milions !

Half of the quotations of Steve Jobs are from this historic speech !

Stuff you must do after moving to a new domain in blogger

You must do a lot of things so that google recognizes your new domain.

I have moved to a custom domain !

Well i bought  anew domain and I have moved to it !