Amazon rocks the Tablet PC world with a new Array of Kindle !

Amazon decided to go ballistic into the Table PC world with the launch of Kindle Fire

Control Grooveshark from any tab with Grooveshark Remote | FireFox | Andriod

Grooveshark gets lost in the millions of tab open ? You are not alone fortunately an addon fixes that !

Google+ now allows circles to be shared !

Embedding grooveshark songs in your website or blog

Grooveshark is a super cool music streaming site and it allows you to embed the songs you like in our website !

The likeability of angry birds [humour]

Yes another angry birds ... infographic

Speeding up the Andriod Emulator

I recently decided to program in Andriod and I found the Andriod Emulator super slow .. here's how to speed it up

Remove the facebook Right Sidebar or News Bar ticker

Facebook has introduced an new ui with an irritating sidebar ticker , here's how to remove it .

Windows 8 screencast tour get to know everything about it !

I posted about getting Windows 8 and I will about installing it using an VHD soon .. now an screencast tour :)

Windows 8 developer preview realeased !

Windows 8 , the much anticipated OS is finally out !

How shuting down and startup's work in Windows

 This handy document from microsoft tells the story of how windows handles shutdowns and start ups ...

Addicted to angry birds ?

Addicted to angry birds , you are not alone... A lot of people are addicted and here is help

Monitor your internet usage using BitMeter

With the ever increasing rates of internet , want to monitor your internet usage ? This free software for Windows does that really good .

Using VLC Media Player to capture a screencast

VLC media player is the best on the planet and everyone knows about it but this is another one of the unknown stuff about it !