Windows 7 military wallpapers for download created by me

I have created a Windows 7 wallpaper , that contains  a lot of cool military pictures.

How to get the old facebook chat box

Facebook's new chat box pissed off several people including me , a new userscript bring the old box .

Fixing Can not mount /dev/loop0 while installing Linux | Ubuntu | Mint | BackTrack

I recently ran into this error in which it could not mount /dev/loop0 due to Input Output Error  and I just now found a fix and I am helping everyone that has that error !

Play songs on your blog or website easily with YMP .

Wondering what YMP is ? it is nothing but Yahoo Media Player , it is a super cool media player that vbloggers and musicians can embed on their blog , it is really simple neat and cool .

Donate to charity by displaying paid links on your blog with outbrain

Want to donate money easily ... here is your chance

Get a cool Google Custom Search engine for blogger

Google has revamped it's custom search engine and made it cooler . here is a post on how to us javascript to deliver search results without page reload !

Bill Gates - How A Geek Changed The World | Video of the week

Video of the week brings the best videos to you ..

Blogger's new Dashboard A First Look !

I already told you about blogger's new dashboard and now I have got it ! It is super cool and like G+ uses Javascript extensively

Get youtube's new facelift !

I preached about how to use Ytb's HTML 5 video feature and now it's about ytb's new look !

Facebook Video Calling via Skype is now available !

Facebook has been working a lot with Skype recently with it allowing users to use Skype(video ) to chat with friends on Facebook. Last week, Mark Zuckerberg had claimed that there would be something new and awesome unveiled by Facebook.

Make a draggable element using jQuery !

jQuery is the best Java Scrip library on the planet and this is one of the many smart uses for it !

Protect your e-mail ids with

Want to block spam to your email id easily ? This website does that

Google Realtime down :(

A 404 :( that is what I get

Show WMP song info with the now playing plugin in Rainmeter !

Rainmeter is an excellent sidebar app that I previously told to you about . Now show the info about about the song that is being played also !

Analysing StuxNet using online tools !

My fascination with STuXNet is great .. Check out m analysis of it ..

JLocator featured on Softpedia Mac !

My small java program JLocator got featured on Softpedia Mac !