How to display lyrics of a song playing in WInodws Media Player live from the internet

Do not like browsing for lyrics ... like me ? Thanks to a plugin you can speed up that process

Get a floating Share Bar in blogger using AddThis!

Want a floating share bar that does not use and is light on javascript .. and highly configurable ?

This one is for you !

Fixing nvidia-xconfig command not found

When i updated from Ubuntu to Kubuntu .. I had this error , nVIDIA driver got unused and I needed to reconfigure it but it said command not found.

Reduce your core temperature instantly on your Asus motherboard using Asus Fan fan xpert !

Have an Asus motherboard then you are in luck ! using Asus Q-Fan technology , you can control the speed of your fan

Never forget your USB stick again !

Are you a person who forgets to unplug your usb pen drive  where ever you go ? Then this software is for you

How to add analytics to your blog without using JavaScript

Are you in a situation here you cannot use Javascript ? then this might help you !

Prevent social networking sites from tracking you as you surf

Now a day's every site including this one has an facebook like box and a tweet button .. By doing that , you are actually sending data to companies ..

Get Google Like a hacker !

I showed you how to make facebook look good for hackers now it's google's turn

Use GPU-Z to get and dump all info about your GPU !

An Replica of CPU-Z .. except for the fact that it dumps GPU information 

Settings for best compression in 7-zip

Want to have best compression in 7-zip ? Grab these settings !

How to make facebook good for hackers L33T !

Hey wanna make facebook look cool :) .. like a hacker ? check this out !

Stuxnet Virus no .. weapon - A Video Explaining it

This somewhat scary video of Stuxnet the largest and most complex virus on the planet ..

Filing a DMCA notice for removing a URL from Google Search

Some one copied your hard written content and are ranking better than you ? DMCA them ....

The much anticipated Michael Jackson - The Behind The Mask Project is out !

An entire fan made video of Micheal Jackson .. We Are the World is out .. see it.

Facebook Video is fast

Do you always youtube to embed your videos ? Did you know that you could use facebook also and that facebook videos are as fast as youtube videos and allows HD

Get welcomed by a new theme every time in GMail

Like to have a new theme every time GMail is opened ? Follow these simple steps .

Adding Google Analytics at the end of your body tag decreases page speed by 1 seconds !

Google Analytics is a great tool for analysing your visitors but did you know how much time it takes to load ?

Using Metasploit to harvest emails of a website

Did you know about an auxiliary email module that allows you to collect email address in Metasploit ?

Speed up FireFox start time in Windows 7 by installing KB2505438

FireFox starts slowly , it may be because of a problem in Windows 7 that causes slow performance in applications that use the DirectWrite API

Change your DNS servers to Google DNS and OpenDNS servers to speed up your page loading time !

Does a page take a long time to resolve even with a superfast internet connection then the problem is with your DNS server !

Google Guitar gets a permanent home !

The immensely popular Google's Guitar doodle has got an new permanent home :)

Embed MP3 songs on your webpage using Google's MP3 player !

Gmail introduced a feature that allows you to play MP3's right from gmail . Fortunately you can you that same mp3 player to play your own mp3's
When you receive an MP3 audio file as an email attachment, click the play button and Google will play the audio file for you in a Gmail popup window.

A world without facebook WOW ! Must see :)

Like facebook or hate facebook anyway this is for you

How to Stop Facebook from Using Facial Recognition

Facebook  has introduced a new facial recognition feature that finds your photo and asks your friends to tag it !

How to fix broken images in WMP when automatic update fails

I told you how you can fix the broken images of songs in Windows Media Player . But still I found out that some  images will not update automatically .

GCP dot Global Consciousness Project | You can see the future !

The GCP dot is a dot that predicts the future ... read on ..