How to use VLC media player to stream stuff from is an innovative and super cool website that fetches torrent , movies , form rapidshare and then it streams the stuff for you.

Get 3 months free key for Kaspersky Internet Security 2011

Well, Kaspersky Internet Security (KIS) is nowadays leading the security on the Internet and it is #1 desktop security software without any doubt.

Hack A computer over LAN via ARP poisoning using BackTrack | BackTrack 5 Tutorial

If you have not set up backtrack here is how to do it . Now let's hack the computer!

Flip text make it uʍopǝpısdn !

Flip your text , make it upside down!

Unlock Hidden Themes in Windows 7

Windows 7 has more themes .. click to see on how to unlock!

NASA Apollo TimeLine

A timeline of all NASA missions from 1966 to 1972. 

How to run NFS Hot Pursuit 2 in Windows 7

Like good old NFS and want it to run in Windows 7 ? done!

How to run BackTrack 5 in Windows Virtual PC in Windows 7 | BackTrack 5 Tutorial

Got Backtrack 5 and checked out my tutorial on how to use it to hack your friends , now you want to know how to use it on Windows Virtual PC in WIndows 7 ?

Uninstall Software COMPLETELY using Revo uninstaller

Did you know that everytime you uninstall an software , it leaves something behind in the registry or somewhere else . luckily Revo uninstaller helps you with that.

SQL injection how to?

What is SQL injection?

Windows 8 Preview: 23 Potential Features You Should Know About

Still a year or more from final release, the next version of Windows has been making its fair share of appearances on leak sites in recent months. Codenamed Windows Next, the OS release we've come to know as Windows 8 will look much like its recent predecessors on the surface, but looks to be getting a serious revamp from the kernel up.

Proxy Switcher , the best free EASY proxy switcher on the planet

Tired of fumbling around with my list of proxies and want something simpler? Try this [seriously]

Mega List of free[& paid] VPN's and proxies available for your windows computer!

Proxy , proxy , proxy , vpn .... all here !!!!

Experience Android from your PC as Live CD or using Virtual Box

Do not have an andriod phone but want to experience it , you can do it in your computer using Virtual Box

Create Multiple Desktops in Windows like in Linux.

Use Linux or Ubuntu and like the multiple window [or desktops] creation ability , it can be done in Windows also!

A Google A Day Accepts Answers

Google started to show off thier google wayback machine or Deja Google with a google a day 

Add padding to images in blogger using CSS

Want your images to have an border around them with an background colour  , this hack can help!

Get the IP of your friend in MSN

Want to hack your friend and know his ip , chatting with him helps!

Instantly resize the icons in WIndows 7

Want to zoom into a image or a icon in Windows 7 , it can't be done easier.

Get the mp3 of any YouTube video

Watched a song in youtube and want the mp3 of it for download so that you can listen to it later, many video downloading services do not allow you but this website does.

Get all information of your hardware and dump it online easily

Want to show off your computer stats or just seek professional advice about your hard ware ? This can help

How to download torrents from the web anonymously

While we download torrents , our ip is known freely to the ISP and anyone on the internet can access it!

Setting up a proxy via SSH tunneling in puTTy

Microsoft buys Skype!

In an great twist , Microsoft has bought Skype for 8.1 billion dollars $ !

Make Windows Media Player automatically fix Album names and other song details

Downloaded a illegal song from or other such sites and find that it comes with broken Album Artist names , Images , Windows Media Player can actually fix that.

Use torrific to download torrents from the web easily as HTTP

Waiting impatiently for a torrent download that has a bad download speed ? This can help

Some spectacular aircraft failures

Track where you have gone with your iphone using iPhone tracker

Did you know that your iPhone stores your location and it can be restored?

Google Search Globe

Google started to show off the capabilities of Google Chrome with Chrome Experiments now they have another show offer

Cycle your wallpapers based on keywords using pulse

Pulse is a free program that downloads and cycles through wallpapers based on any keyword you give it.

Disable Windows 7’s Aero Snap from the Control Panel

Aero Snap, which lets you maximize windows or set them side by side by dragging them to the screen edge, is one of our favorite Windows 7 features. If you find it more annoying than helpful, here's how to turn it off.

Hack your friend by using BackTrack 5 | Backtrack 5 tutorial

BackTrack 4 is an penetration testing tool that is run as an live CD , it is an modded form of Linx(Ubuntu) that can be used for hacking.In this tutorial I will show you how to generate payloads in it.

OSI model explained

Watch Youtube videos in HTML 5

Web 2.0 is coming sooner than you expect , then why should you stick on to good old flash!

Setting up Cerberus RAT(Remote Administration tool)

Wanna play a prank on your friend,a remote administration tool might be usefull!

How to port forward your BSNL modem[with screenshots]

Portforwarding has become one of the needs of the needs of the day and I will show you how in an BSNL modem!

Get AeroPeek for tabs in Chrome

Now that we showed you how to enable aero peek in firefox, let’s do it in Google Chrome

How to enable AeroPeek in FireFox 4.x

Love AeroPeek and want to enable it for all the tabs in FireFox ?

A simple hack does that

How to change your BSNL modem password using telnet

BSNL is one of the top ISP’s in India and you might want to consider changing the default to prevent hackers!

Feedly an superb feedreader for ipad and android

Try out Feedly , an superb feedreader for iPad and Android

How to make HQ Animated GIF's in flash

Making High Quality GIF's have become easy!

Bypass MegaUpload waiting time with a simple bookmarklet[Exploit]

Tired of waiting in sites like megaupload,rapidshare, ? I found this exploit for

The Difference Between a DoS and a DDoS

DoS and DDoS are the most commonly know words,yet these have differences!

Use Windows Explorer as a ftp client

Use a third party software like Core FTP lite to upload and download stuff from your ftp server?Did you know that Windows Explorer  itself can do that?