Find Patents online using google

Want to know who discovered what or which company has the right for a product?

Fix the high CPU usage of WMP 12 and audiodg.exe

Have a large media library , then you proably will have a high[100 %] in my case CPU usage , here is a quick fix

Use with

Never heard of , then this is the best time to start using it!

A better recent posts for blogger using Feedburner

If you are a user of blogger and use the Recent posts of blogger, you will find that it does not match the actual colour of text in your site.So i found a work around!

Beef up the security of your passwords without forgetting them

Want to add more security to your passwords, without forgetting it? Read on...

Useful YouTube Searches

Searching for a official video these days in youtube is becomming a night mare especially with millions of fan (fake) videos.

FireFox 4 silently loads javascript

I often use the stop loading this page button while browsing to prevent sites from loading ads and other heft displays , but in firefox 4 , i found out that Firefox continues to load the images , loaded by javascript even after the stop button has been pressed

Delicious bought by AMOS

User of Yahoo's famous del.ici.ous service ? More trouble or features are heading your way!

The NEW Blogger is coming soon!

As promised,blogger has started to roll out the NEW HTML 5 sporting dash board for blogger users!.

Flipkart vs Amazon  is becoming the amazon of India , as it offers hot deals and lots of discounts and also new and innovative features!

Change your Windows 7 logon screen

Tired of boring old windows windows 7 welcome /login screen?
Want to replace it with your own custom jpg?

Google Adsense now shows Countries in Performance Reports

Adsense , google's second top income earner , came up with a new interface , and have continously announced newer and better features.

How to correctly add Google Adsense ads in your post body with CSS

How a old HDD slows the boot time of your windows os

Have an old harddisk and you have it attached to your brand new computer , then it might cause your Windows OS to boot up more slower .

Make Firefox 4 FEEL like Google chrome

Like Google Chrome, want firefox to have all the cool features , you like about chrome?
Read on

f.lux is a eye protecting software that changes your monitor contrast and colour acording to the time

Use your computer late at night , early in the morning ? Guess what the screen brightness affects the eyes!

Get the quick launch bar back in Windows 7

Like the quick launch bar in Windows XP, get it back in Windows 7 with a simple hack.

Yahoo now allows Sign In through Google and Facebook

In what can be called as an dramatic and most desperate attempts to get traffic , yahoo now allows sign in using Google and Facebook.

Download Firefox 5 Aurora 2

Loved Firefox 4 want to get a preview of Firefox 5 before it gets out , that's why firefox launched aurora.

Check out ads before putting them on your blog

Want to check how your ad will look in your site but not edit it.

Copyright your website,blog or images

Stolen content,other people using your name to put you done?

Automatically translate your website according to the country using Google Translate

Have a lot of non-English visitors, use Google Translate's automatic translate to automatically translate your blog

A Java Geo-ip locator client

I already have creared a web version of this at I wanted to create a desktop version of it.

HTML 5 Related posts for Blogger[highly configurable]

If you are a regular visitor to my blog , you might have noticed a new widget called Related posts(below labels).It uses HTML 5 and jQuery to deliver the super cool effect.

How to Upgrade Your RAM Using a USB Flashdrive(PenDrive)

Need more ram ? Read on !

Updating packages in Ubuntu [offline] in Windows

The title may not be very clear but this is the situation for which the post is written.You have ubuntu and want to update the packages in it.But you do not have an internet connection and you want to download the packages from a windows system  and intergrate i into Ubuntu.

Changing Ubuntu screen resolution using ARandR and XRandR

Many first time users of Ubuntu face this problem, their screen resolutions are messed up.

Setting up and configuring ufw through GUI(gufx) in Ubuntu

New to Linux/Ubuntu.Want a firewall , Ubuntu comes with a default firewall but it must be configured manually but a GUI program(gufx) can help you

Installing FireFox 4 in Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick)

If you have downloaded and installed ubuntu 10.10 , you would have noticed that it has FireFox 3.6

Is Google's April Fool's day joke really a joke?

Google on April Fool's day , published this blog post.In Blogger Buzz.

Get facebook profile using facebook profile image URL

Get all the info of a video or audio file using MediaInfo

Ever wanted to know what was the codec and bitrate and Screen resolution for your video or audio?

Change your blogger title for better CTR in Google Search

If you notice in Google search result , with the default title in Blogger , most of your page heading will be hidden by your blog name , here is an work Around.

The correct way of exporting blogger css to external file.

I knew that blogger page load time can increase due to the CSS(Cascading Style Sheet)in the Blogger Template

Install any version of Windows 7 from the same DVD

With the official release of Windows 7 DVD , you can install any version of Windows whether it be Starter or Pro or Ultimate with the same DVD.

Faster browsing using Lynx

Lynx is a test only browser that does not run JavaScript or Images.

Hacking WEP wifi passwords

Today there are a lot of available WiFi networks and this tutorial will show you how to crack them!

Easy Zoom for images in Blogger using JQuery

How to make all external links open in a new tab in blogger

I was browsing some JavaScript and came across a interesting javascript that makes all the external links in a page open in a new tab

Generating the correct sitemap for submission to Bing and Yahoo!

I noticed that in my default sitemap that blogger gave, only the recent 26 posts were indexed and not the rest of the posts, this resulted in lack of indexing in Yahoo and Bing.

How to add custom favicon to blogger and replace blogger favicon.

Create animated favicons for your website

I created a new Favicon, It  is not great but it is animated!

Some cool javascript hacks. Try Them

Javascript rocks... Check out these cool hacks.

Google introduces Dynamic views and makes Blogger super cool.

All the users of blogger draft will find that dynamic views have been set in blogger and it uses HTML 5 and it rocks!

Make WIndows Media Player 11 go to the taskbar and make it a cool dockbar

Have windows media player 11 (xp{get it at the end of the post}) then use one of it's inumerable features and make it look cool

Learn Ruby easily Part II

For Part I and an introduction to ruby - check this out.