Learn Ruby easily I

Ruby is an gr8(great) language, it is simple and really easy for beginners to understand,unfortunately if you have programmed in C, C++ or Java , you will find it hard to grasp.

Use Console2 as THE ultimate command prompt

This is the Command Prompt of your dreams, it offers superb features, rock - solid and it's FREE!

Web Vulnerability scanning using Acunetix

Are you tired of manually checking a website for vulernability's ?

A Java IP Logger for Google App engine with geolocation

I have created an ip logger in java along with an geo locator.

Change your blog font to Comic Scan Ms for best reading experience

You must have noticed that the blog's font has been changed to a new and better font

Writing data to Google Datastore in java THE EASY WAY!

I must say that I have got quite obsessed with google's App engine.

What is Barycenter?

Flashing Keyboard Magic - Cool must try!

This is a small and cool vb script that you must try!

PC Running Slow and/or Think You Are Infected? Read This!

First you must learn to differentiate between an infection and just general computer slowness.

Get to know your ip FAST!

Ever wanted to know your I.P Address without loading a huge site like whatismyip.com

Free up memory by stopping unnecessary services

Game running slowly or is an heavy application like NetBeans or Eclipse hooging up your PC?
Simply stopping some services will help you a lot in Windows especially win 7 and xp

Add your site url to Baidu and Yandex and get more visitors!

I noticed yesterday that I was getting no visitors from China and least amount of visitors from Russia .

Java Proxy in Google App Engine

Google's free appengine is a service in which you can host your servlets or run python apps.I created an appspot and created an proxy using it!

Wordpress.com vs Blogger - Blogger is winning!

Any beginner in blogging would have tried thier hands on wordpress.com and blogger.com

EyeDefender protects your eyes and make sure you do not have to wear a spectacles

Many of us spend a lot of time online and we strain our eyes , this simple software can help us.

Turn 2d images into 3D images using a simple hack!

Want to see stuff in three d let's say the results page of Google Images , then this SIMPLE hack can help you!

FireFox 4 hits 10 million downloads in the first day

Firefox hit the 10 thousand download mark on it's first day of it's release, the numbers are getting bigger and bigger every day

Send Message to other users using Command Prompt

The windows command prompt is a powerful and versatile tool, and msg is one of it's commands.

Increase YouTube bufferring speeds by hacking SYSTEM.INI

With this trick you can increase Youtube as well as sites like Metacafe video buffering speed

Create multiple accounts in Facebook using a single Gmail ID!

This is an interesting feature of Gmail which no one knows,using this you can transform your gmail id to infinit(TRUE) id's.

Streaming videos and Audio files using VLC Media Player

This is another less known feature of VLC media player anyone does not know.It is an excellent player that can actually stream Media Files.
See my article on How To Convert files using VLC Media Player.

How to run javascripts in post pages only and not in HomePage

Blogger by Google has turned out to be the world's most used blogging platform , though it has less features, it is very helpful.Running a javascript in a post page and not in your homepage can increase your page load times and Google Site Rank

Covert Video and Audio files using VLC media player

The open source VLC media player, has  a great lot of features, it will play any video file no matter what the codec is!

Free yourself from ad trackers using ghostery

Today with nearly 500 ad companies and media trackers, one can effectively track your movement across the web.

Get the sitemap and all secret pages of a website using google

This simple hack on google can save us a lot of time wasted in searching sites!

Protecting yourself from phising

1. What is phishing?
  • Phishing is the method of stealing login info(usernames and passwords) by directing the slave to a clone(fake) login page, that logs the login info without the knowledge of the slave.
  • Such clone website is known as a phisher.

Complete guide of Secret Stuff in Nokia CDMA phones

First things first, Nokia is a worldwide Corporation which owns 36% of the market share. So no doubt alot of you own a Nokia mobile, whether it be CDMA or GSM.

Hacking a remote computer or web server or your friend with Metasploit

Learning Ruby from scratch a compilation of popular guides

What is Ruby

Ruby is a dynamic, reflective, general purpose object-oriented programming language that combines syntax inspired by Perl with Smalltalk-like features. Ruby originated in Japan during the mid-1990s and was first developed and designed by Yukihiro "Matz" Matsumoto. It was influenced primarily by Perl, Smalltalk, Eiffel, and Lisp.