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Get a cool Google Custom Search engine for blogger

Google has revamped it's custom search engine and made it cooler . here is a post on how to us javascript to deliver search results without page reload !

Firstly create a custom search engine @ http://www.google.com/cse

After creating it , move on to the Look and Feel tab .

Refer to the image above and select Two Page .

Now click save and get code.

Now comes the interesting part ... on where you want the search box and results to appear.

Where you want the search box to appear , put the code in there ..

it is usually like this .


It is quite big and the js automatically calculates the size so there is no need to worry about it :)

Now put the

where you want the results to appear .
For best results put it after

in blogger's edit template page ..

Now test it out and do not forget to check mine :)

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