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Speed up your internet connection by increasing your bandwith

This hack speeds up your internet speed by upto 20%.

Step 1 :-Log in as Admin

Step 2:-Start > Run > gpedit.msc

Step 3:-Expand Local Computer Policy

There expand Computer Configuration

Then expand Administrative Templates

Then expand Network

There Highlight "QoS Packet Scheduler”


On Right Hand double click "limit reservable bandwidth 

On setting tab check "Enable"

Change "Bandwidth limit %" to 0.



Now your connection will be 20% faster.

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  1. Naw man, as far as I know that just affects bandwidth when windows needs bandwidth to download stuff. Doesn't steal bandwidth all the time.

  2. Nope i checked it out! Windows uses BITS(Background Intelligence Transfer Service)to download stuff and it reserves that Bandwith only when u use it (e.g:- Windows Update).
    It does steal bandwith all the TIME!