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Online Malware analysis

Ever infected with a virus and wanted to know what the virus did to your computer and what data has been stolen ?
Malware analysis can help you.

Since the explosion of malware occured, a Lot of Malware analysing tools have sprung up, you can get to see the tools and how to use them here.

Online Scanners.

They are the easiest to use and do not put you in any danger of any kind,A lot of free services are availabe.

Anubis is the best among them and it can tell you what connections the virus is making, the dll's it is using and a lot more.
 Diadvantages of Online Malware Analysers.
If a malware needs an dll , to run, it will download it but these services do not allow that so the analysis fails.
If you are a amaetur then you must use these web scanners.

If you fing anything else out there comment it and I will add it to the list .

  DeepFreeze protects your system from viruses 
Sandboxie is an sandbox for your programs  

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