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Overwriting the existing install of Nokia PC siute

Step 1:Download Nokia PC Suite Cleaner and run and clean your existing install.(Download here)
Step 2:Download Orca(a msi package editor) and install it.(Download here)
Step 3:Download the latest version of Nokia PC suite (do not run the file)(Download here), 7-zip(install it)(Download here).
Step 4:Extract the contents of Nokia PC suite using 7-zip(Right click the file >7-zip>Extract here).
Step 5:Go inside the extracted files folder,there you will find a folder called Packages.It contains the following installers.
·       CCD
·       Nokia_PC_Suite
·       PCCS
·       VC80_x64_v2
·       VC80_x86_v2
In each folder,there will be a .msi file(Installer file).Each one will install a special part of the software.CCD is Cable Connectivity Driver and PCCS is PC connectivity solution.You must edit each of the .msi files in each package according to which package must be overwritten.For Example:-If you want to overwrite PCCS then editing PCCS.msi is alone enough.
Step 6:How to edit.
Right the package that you want to overwrite and click Edit with Orca.
Now click Edit>Find(Ctrl+F).
No there type RemoveExistingProducts
It should find a row,delete it(simply hit the delete button).
Search again and again until all the instances have been removed.!(IMPORTANT)!
Now save it File > Save.
Now run the package,it will install without problem.
Step 7:YOU MUST install all the other packages also in other folders for it to work correctly!
Or run installer.exe and it will do the job for you .

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