Updating Metasploit from the console

Hello everyone and a Merry and A HaPPy New YeAr!!
If you have upgraded your metasploit framework to 3.5.1,you might have noticed that the update fails again and again,the answer is simple!

Exploit:Reset Easy File Locker password and recover your files .

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You can recover the files locked by easy file locker,quite easily!Here is how to do it!

Lock files on your Windows PC and prevent even Admins from seeing them!

Ever wanted to lock your files from your boss or your Admin ?
Then here is the cool software you need to do it.

Run an untrusted application in an SandBox and protect yourself from viruses

Downloaded a program from the internet?Do not trust it?Your Anti-Virus says that it isn't a virus,but you are not sure .Do not want an Anti-Virus eating up your memory?This POST is your answer!

WebMail notifier - Firefox addon notifies you when you have a mail and much more!

Having multiple accounts,facebook,yahoo,gmail,company mail and want to get notified when you get a new mail in any on of these ?.Then the firefox addon is for YOU!.

Texter an innovative software by LifeHacker

Hello everyone ,I am going to tell you about a real cool software that I found,It is called texter,We are daily typing the same words again and again , Would it not be nice if a software does it for us!.It sure will be,LifeHackers Texter does the same!.

2 LAN FileSharing Tools

If you have a large network with many computers connected,then windows will surely fail you in finding all the computers and linking with them,these software will surely help you!

Embedding an applet in a webpage

I will show you how to embed an applet in web page using Dropbox.
An free and easy to use tool that syncs files!!!.

Rainmeter highly customisable open-source sidebar-Part I

Rainmeter is a highly customisable sidebar cum a lot of other interesting things software.

Wikileaks - Cable leaks

On Sunday 28th Novembre 2010, Wikileaks began publishing 251,287 leaked United States embassy cables, the largest set of confidential documents ever to be released into the public domain. The documents will give people around the world an unprecedented insight into the US Government's foreign activities.
The cables, which date from 1966 to the end of February this year, contain confidential communications between 274 embassies in countries throughout the world and the State Department in Washington DC. 15,652 of the cables are classified Secret.