How to open multiple facebook accounts in chrome.

We have always wanted to open multiple facebook account for playing farmville,sending gifts etc.

Booting from USB without BIOS support

If you are using an old system without USB BIOS boot feature ,then this post is the right place to start.

Get facebook Mail

Facebook has introduced mail,and as usual,it is available to only a select few

Google Chrome is open-source right ?,NO

We all have started to use chrome since it is a reliable browser,though not up to firefox's standard, it is good.

Protecting yourself from Firesheep

We already discussed how to hack using Firesheep here

We will see how to protect us from it.

What is firesheep

Code Writers today are pushing the limits and publishing software and making everyone hackers!!

Firesheep is one such software,it can hack into(not really but sniff into) unprotected public networks (such as the wi-fi in coffebars anf airports).

Creating and Running an Applet

I have posted applets before and as many of hem do not know how to run them, here is how it must be done.

First compile the applet.Let us take a look at the source.

copy it to notepad and save the file as in the bin directory of ur jdk

now compile it as javac

now after compilation,open notepad and copy the following code

<applet code="banner" width = 300 height = 50>


now save it as banner.html

Note:While saving it , it must be done to the bin directory and banner.html must also be in the bin directory.

now open banner.html and it will work!!!

Adding subtitles to your video

Everyone wants subtitles in ur movie.especially the ones that are grainy.

Now you can add subtitles!!!

First download K-Lite Codec Pack

Install it.

Now go to

there search for the movie and download the zip file.

extract it to the same folder where u have the video.

if the name of the video is then rename your srt file to now open the video and enjoy subtitles