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Rainmeter highly customisable open-source sidebar-Part I

Rainmeter is a highly customisable sidebar cum a lot of other interesting things software.

Download RainMeter .(9 MB approx)
Install it.

Select Gonometer.It is the best!

When you start Rainmeter,you should see something like this.
Click to zoom
Now from here,you can change the colour scheme using Colors > tab.
Now I will tell you how to add and close skins.

Right-Click Rainmeter, and in configs click Manage skins.
It will open Rain Browse.
There go to Browse and from there select the skin you want to add!.
We will add Clock . Click Clock from Gonometer sub-menu.
Then click Load Skin.
And viola! the skin has been added .!!

You can keep experimenting with various skins and keep watching for PART II 

This video explains it all.

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