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Exploit:Reset Easy File Locker password and recover your files .

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You can recover the files locked by easy file locker,quite easily!Here is how to do it!
1)To see what files have been locked.
Navigate to %windir%(simply hit start > then click Run and type there %windir%)
There search for a .ini file that begins with x.
It is usually xlkfsys.ini.
Open it with notepad and you can see those files and folders that have been locked!
2)Get those files.
Download Sysinternals tool Autoruns.
Open it and then navigate to the Drivers tab.
Do not copy!

There uncheck the driver described in the picture above and restart !
That is it !
After restart,u can get those files!!!

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  1. i have a problrme to open tha app with password when i install it

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