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Booting from USB without BIOS support

If you are using an old system without USB BIOS boot feature ,then this post is the right place to start.

We will be being demonstrating it  in the windows xp,vista,7 environment.

Download this zip file now.

Now extract this file to C:\plop


  • As administrator/with administrator rights open a command shell.
    Hint VISTA/Win7: Use right click at the command shell menu entry and choose "Run as administrator"
    change to c:\plop with cd \plop
  • Then run plpgenbtldr
    This program searches for the file plpgenbtldr in the currrent directory.
    plpgenbtldr generates the file plpbtldr.bin.
  • Adding to the boot menu. Windows 2K and XP is different to Windows VISTA and Windows 7
    • Windows 2K, XP
      add the line below to your c:\boot.ini
      c:\plop\plpbtldr.bin="Plop Boot Manager"
    • Windows VISTA
      open notepad as administrator and create a file c:\boot.ini
      add those lines
      [boot loader]
      [operating systems]
      c:\plop\plpbtldr.bin="Plop Boot Manager"
      Thanks to tri_zet for this info
    • Windows 7
    • Open the command prompt as administrator. Use bcdedit to create the boot menu entry.
      bcdedit /create /d "Plop Boot Manager" /application bootsector
      This prints a long number with { }. This long number is called "id". Replace the "id" with your number in the following commands.
      bcdedit /set {id} device partition=C:
      bcdedit /set {id} path \plop\plpbtldr.bin
      bcdedit /displayorder {id} /addlast
 That's it now when u boot up,u should see Plop Boot Manager.

P.S:-You need to configure you USB to boot! by adding a MBR(Master Boot Record) to your USB drive.

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